OBS reel from Kimberley Bianca | Disaster Girl on Vimeo.

The Video Journey

Custom hand painted T by Masha Sasami

Custom hand painted T by Masha Sasami

Driving through Poland

The light breaches my ache to sleep

This lair

Of golden words


Big, Big, Bigger


I´ll hide your fleet

Of polish car dealers processed

In you sausage of protest


Drink, Drink, Drinking


We no longer run

Into the seas of cold water

But of supermarkets


It´s all comparison

It´s all a joke

A hole you cannot climb from

Los Vegas 

Seeps into every view

Following the lines of disapointment

And to continue

By photograph

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The Journey

Into My Forest

Watching the sun melt into the sea

It melts

It drips

This liquid kerosene

Running like vines

Up the sand

Up the coast

Come in to my forest

I´ll make you feel safe

I´ll make you feel close

Inside Outside

The flies cry for enlightenment

While I’m free as a bee

You cannot swat the language loss

But you may eat the debree

Of paint peeling

In natures healing

Wont you take a photo of me

Walking in your shadow

Not waiting for tomorrow

I’ve sharpened a lifetime of lead

Preliminary Walks (Riga and Tallinn)

Until The Sun Is Dead

The beat slaying continues

Breaking spaces of contrast

Mundane rises into addition

Foreplay with citizens of dawn

Drilling their brain cells

Smashing light

Until the sun is dead

It’s a spill of urban poetry

A delinquent delight with purpose

Closing mastermind eyes

Optimum biomechanical system

Freaks of sensation

Writing codes

Transcendental explosiology

A passive marathon is literal

Painting over smoke stacks

Selling ideas in Tallinn

Riga accepts the sequence

Highlight assertion

Renegade bliss

All imaginative motion

Fly to me illusion

Hunt a replacement journey

Bon-apatite dear industry